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Third Kingdom
Learn more about this important holiday.
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My fear of heights didn't bother me playing Mirror's Edge until the level where you climb up the construction site to find a sniping position. That made my head swim and scared the crap out of me. I had to stop playing after making it into the vent. I feel like I might fall out of my chair.
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My Facebook account was disabled today, with no reason given. I wonder if it was hacked and used to send spam or something. Did any of you who know me on Facebook get any weird messages from me?
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Obama has found a way to deal with the embarrassingly bad motions being passed by the UN Human Rights Council: attack its credibility by having yet another nation with a recent history of human rights violations join it.
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I'm back from Denmark. While I was there, I came across a compilation of Heroes of Might and Magic III and IV with expansion packs for 69 kroner (maybe $12). I keep hearing that HoMM III was the best of the series, so I decided to give it a try. The expansion packs for HoMM 4 (which I already have and enjoyed) wouldn't hurt, either.

I was greeted by this humorous warning while installing it:
Large image courtesy cutCollapse )
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I think I can almost pronounce Rødgrød med fløde correctly!

Something clicked in muscle memory this evening and I started being able to produce the Danish final-d sound, but I still need to work on the r and short and long ø.

Unfortunately, I don't currently know any Danes who could tell me how close I'm getting.
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If you turn onto a one-way road going the wrong way, cursing at the pedestrian you almost hit to do so does not make you look like less of an ass.

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Jon Benet Ramsey was in the news today. It made me feel like an undergraduate again.
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After playing Fallout 3, it was a little weird seeing the Mall not full of trenches and earthen fortifications and surrounded by ruined monuments.
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Why is Paul Broun so weird?
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